"We look at your project from a different point of view and we offer you an alternative avant garde technology, for different solutions."

About Us

Vis Nova 2010 is born from the SudEngineering© engineering studio know-how, operating since 1979, with more than 35 years of experience and competence in technological systems development and engineering, with focus on energy efficiency and saving.

The Vis Nova 2010 staff is composed of formed professional people, updated on the recent laws and regulations.

Our main customers are national and international private and public companies working in industrial, medical and services field.

Our main design areas are:

  • SPECIAL SYSTEMS (Security and TVCC, fire and smoke detection, standard and optical fibre networking, sound diffusion, TV and satellite, hotels supervisor)


The Vis Nova 2010 working culture is based on professional and smart management, our flexibility gives to the customer high performance with high quality standards, continuously growing.


Our staff activities::

  • Planning, development and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and executive engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Final Testing
  • Technical survey and reporting
  • On-site inspection and reporting of existing systems

Mission & Vision


We want to be a reference in engineering design of innovative technological systems, by proposal of new engineering design concept and avant-garde solutions.



The Vis Nova 2010’s target is to provide advanced engineering support, in order to meet all the customer’s needs.


Our company is active in the Engineering design of electrical and special systems and energy saving.


As support of this activities we also provide all the other services as Works Supervision, Project Management, Testing and Technical survey and reporting.


More than 35 Years of experience.


More than 500 realized projects in Italy.


More than 35 MWp of photovoltaic power designed.


More than 23.000 t of CO2 emission saved.